Mar 16, 2020

Dear wildly awesome teenager,

Please be smarter than your parents. 

Please don’t think getting older equals physical pain. 

Please don’t even begin to entertain the idea that being a grown up means you have to exercise in order to lose weight or look good.

Please don’t give up on being able to do somersaults and the monkey bars. 

Please don’t stop playing, no matter how weird the world gets or how complicated life becomes.

And please take care of your incredible body with as much gusto and willingness as you can muster.

You know, most grown ups that I teach have spent their lives not taking care of their body and doing really strange things with it in order to make it better, fitter, leaner, stronger, more attractive, more whatever.  And they end up needing my help because all of the above had made their body really really mad and has kept them from being actually strong in a way that matters.  

I am here to today to...

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