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Since so many teens are out of school while we weather this health crisis, we want to offer you a way to keep your body moving everyday. Join us for a 15 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout created specifically to build strength, get some endorphins flowing, and maybe even improve your mood a bit.

Here's what we offer:

Introduction (all you need to know)

Daily 15-minute HIIT workout

Fix-Me Education for common teen issues like posture, stress reduction, etc.

Here are a few promises:

We don't talk about weight loss or appearance and instead focus on being 100% body-positive. In other words, come as you are.

We don't offer weird or trendy health advice. In other words, we stay in our lane.

We don't give you information about your body and its strength that isn't backed by research. In other words, you can trust us.

We don't take ourselves seriously even though our content is super intelligent. In other words, welcome to the weird world of owning a body. 

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